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Lul Wat

Nyoro~n, oy?
Or do you come from the promised land?
Well, wherever, that was a pretty awesome flash.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

God gave Moses the promised land. He banned me with his hammer after I disobeyed him.


Did you just divide by zero?

I'm impressed! Not only was it a shameless Mac plug, it also assaulted my unsuspecting brain with a meme or two...

Plus, it was brutally funny. Candlejack would be pro

Rather good

However, the volume of the voices was a fair bit lower than the volume of the music, which meant I had to keep adjusting my PC volume to hear everything AND save from going deaf :)
Other than that, though, I rather enjoyed it.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

That you. I'll try to even the volume up when I can. :)
Guess I must be deaf though cause it sounded fine to me but oh well.


On a side note, is your Cthulhu the hand puppet version? Or a proper plushie? And if the latter, where'd you get him? My puppet is lovely, but I feel a little weird inserting my hand into Lovecraftian bum-bits...


Stylistically speaking, I am impressed, the graphics were nice 'n' sketchy, the sound went well with it, and as a general mindfuck movie it was really rather good... However...
I know you've heard all this before, in a number of reviews, both well written and retarded... But I'm not happy with the fact that you called it 'LSD'... I have read your reviews, and the "to the people who say its not like acid" review did raise some good points... Indeed, I'm grateful for his point 6, "True bad trips never turn out like that but, seriously get off his back" because it reminded me that I didn't want to sound like a twat raising this point, and it made me happy that there are some people who don't blindly agree that this is what acid's like...
But it also saddens me that there are people out there who believe that this is the sort of thing acid does on a regular basis, and while I don't blame you for that (indeed, I blame the anti-drug propaganda fuckers, who don't make sensible users' lives easy), I can't help but be somewhat irritated that the name of your movie might contribute in some way... I know that "1) Its a cartoon" and "2) Hes not claiming its like acid" are both valid points, but they're points that many reviewers seem to have failed to notice...
BUT, I have noticed the DMT addition to the name, and that lessens my feelings, as having never taken DMT on top of acid, I don't know what effect that might have on a troubled mind... Indeed, it almost pacifies me, as a friend of mine had a DMT trip of half an hour, which he swore lasted two years... So maybe...
Look, I don't wanna piss you off, and I hope you've read this all the way through, because I want to think we're both reasonable, and I certainly don't want you to group me with those angry yelling people, because I did like your movie... I just thought that these points needed airing, yep?
To those still reading, "There was no such thing as a bad trip until they told me there was."

Ah... Well done you!

I don't often vote ten across the board, but I honestly thought this deserved it... Magical combination of Simon & Garfunkel with the unnecessary violence! I am impressed sir.

tommylm responds:

An honour indeed


It was one of many... And that, to be frank and honest with you, is all that can be said. It was simply another movie with lightsabres and fighting things... Welcome to Newgrounds, where we award originality with fluffs and cookies, and the mediocre fades away as soon as it leaves the portal.
Try harder.
Oh, rather good sound, though. Well done there :)

TheAmateurAnimator responds:

"Welcome to Newgrounds, where we award originality with fluffs and cookies"-how many times have I seen original things blammed? Many.
"And the mediocre fades away as soon as it leaves the portal."-how many times have I seen so-called mediocrity pass judgment and have lots of fans? Many.
Congratulations on being insulting, albeit in a calm demeanor. You, sir, have serious guts, I will give you that.

Three little words...

Pre. Load. Er. Now string 'em together... PRELOADER! Do that.
Other than that, it was mostly arse anyway. Better luck next time.

Yeah, nice

Sweet and jolly, I like... Bit too emo and sentimental, but that's not always bad... Though I hope you DON'T kiss like that, the whole teeth-banging-together thing hurts.

speddyfeddy1234 responds:

No I dont, I just couldnt think of a way to draw us kissing so sorry about that :(


You considered sending this movie/cartoon/idea to a proper graphic novel publisher? Cos I'm sure that, considering similar publications like Sandman and Lucifer, someone like DC would be interested... Though what do I know? I just want to be as good as you :P

obeyken responds:

Actually, Worlds is currently in production with a slated release later this year. This trailer is meant to serve as a way to entice potential readers into visiting the website, www.blackwaverising.com, to learn more and maybe buy a few issues.

Contact balling, staff twirling, hat juggling, ring tossing faerie boy! Hire me for kids' parties, and bubblewrap the valuables :D

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