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Lul Wat

Nyoro~n, oy?
Or do you come from the promised land?
Well, wherever, that was a pretty awesome flash.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

God gave Moses the promised land. He banned me with his hammer after I disobeyed him.


Did you just divide by zero?

I'm impressed! Not only was it a shameless Mac plug, it also assaulted my unsuspecting brain with a meme or two...

Plus, it was brutally funny. Candlejack would be pro

Rather good

However, the volume of the voices was a fair bit lower than the volume of the music, which meant I had to keep adjusting my PC volume to hear everything AND save from going deaf :)
Other than that, though, I rather enjoyed it.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

That you. I'll try to even the volume up when I can. :)
Guess I must be deaf though cause it sounded fine to me but oh well.

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Not too subtle, but appreciated.

"you try to talk to this man but he said to you that he stop just if you die or you live your country

A real man was take shotgun and shoot the son of $#%$#$! to death

this what israel do , protect thier citizen from terroriest that said that they want to delte israel from the map"

Ok, consider this. You live in your little house in the country. It's not much, but you like it, and it's been in the family for a few years now.

Suddenly some uppity out-of-towners turn up, forcibly evict you with the help of the removal company, make you live in a dog kennel in the garden, and - just for good measure - fence you in.

When you ask them what reason they have for this, they say that a man you might have heard of - although, he sounds rather different when they talk about him - told them that they were destined to live in your house.

Yeah, dude. They're totally protecting themselves from completely misguided extremists.

I honestly never knew quite how many Israel apologetics USA/UK propaganda had bred. Wake up, people. The enforced creation of the State of Israel was one of the most retarded things to come out of WWII. Let's just admit it was a mistake, and slap this playground bully back in line.

As for my actual review... The game was fun, if simple. The political bent wasn't subtle, but it is nice that people are still making these points.


I got stuck in the tutorial at the beginning, and while my k key served to free me from this dilemma it did not solve the problem that I then had no idea how to play... Once I worked out for myself how it was meant to be played, however, I found it reasonably enjoyable. I'm a sucker for shooty shooty and upgrades.

Could I make a little request, though? A MUTE button.
I don't necessarily want to listen to your music the entire time I'm playing this game, but the fact that I can't mute it means that I have to mute my entire lappy instead - very irritating if I want to listen to my own music.

I'm giving a low score because the lack of instructions and a mute button aggravated me.


Simple graphics were very nice, sound worked well with them as well.
My only real problem was that enemies quite often took off a great deal of health with a single blow - wolves, for example, occasionally took down four or five blocks in one leap. This seemed a little excessive.
Other than that, I liked it. Well done.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah my coding isnt perfect at all yet. Glad you liked the game!

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My my my...

I only recently discovered the Newgrounds Audio bit... But already I've noticed that you really are the dog's bollocks, aren't you? That's a very good thing, by the way. Well done you, keep up the fantastic work.

Verrry nice!

DnB isn't usually my thing, but this is very cool, some great use of fx, bloody good track, if only it were longer! What did you do this on, by the way?

Rucklo responds:

hey man. Glad u liked the song, I made it in Reason. This song is all about the bassline :D

THanx for reviewing!


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